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Ready to Leave Your Mark in the Marketing Jungle?

Meet Liana Consulting,
Your Partner in
Digital Success.

We're more than just a digital marketing agency. While we help startups and small-to-medium businesses navigate the marketing wilderness with tailored strategies, we also serve as a holistic consultancy firm.

We transform the intimidating business jungle into a rewarding journey of innovation and grounding.

At Liana Consulting, we understand that every brand is unique, just like the diverse species found in the jungle.

Tropical Leaves


We craft customized marketing solutions that capture attention, captivate audiences, and drive exceptional results. From captivating social media campaigns to roaring PR strategies, we navigate the marketing landscape with expertise and finesse.


Our goal is to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives and stand out amidst the competitive landscape. We aim to leave a lasting impact, transforming brands and their relationships with customers.

Let us guide you through the marketing jungle, where we'll work together to achieve remarkable growth and create an unforgettable brand story.

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